ZEREX ASIAN VEHICLE RED 50/50 Antifreeze Coolant

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ZEREX ASIAN VEHICLE RED 50/50 Antifreeze Coolant

- has been designed to meet the requirements of Asian manufacturers requiring a red silicate free HOAT formula with a phosphate additive to protect their cooling systems from rust and corrosion.
- has a 5 year/240,000 km Guarantee. Meets the following specifications: Hyundai/Kia MS 591-08, Mitsubishi ES-64217, JIS K 2234-1994, and Ford WSS-M97B55-A
- is premixed with demineralized water for added protection and convenience
- is compatible with Asian vehicle coolants and cooling systems requiring a red silicate-free coolant
- protects against freeze-ups and boilovers

Uses include: Cars / Light Trucks / Medium Duty Trucks