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WinterProof All Purpose Water System plumbing Antifreeze with BurstGuard Guarantee -50°C:

- provides you with peace of mind against harsh Canadian winters. The ready to use formula helps protect your most valuable properties' plumbing from cracking, bursting and other freeze damage.
- is safe to use for metal and plastic pipes.
- offers an excellent water system protection formulated to winterize all types of water systems from camper trailers, RVs, inground or above ground pools, hot tubs, cottages, cabins, boats (waterlines only), and more.
- is safe for winterizing metal and plastic pipes. It inhibits rust & metal corrosion. The formula lubricates waterlines, pipes and seals to ensure a worry-free experience when the weather starts to heat up.
- it may appear slushy or frozen in sub-zero temperatures. Thats totally normal and wont cause your plumbing to crack or burst as our formula doesn't expand as water does. Our BurstGuard Guarantee -50°C helps protect your pipes and waterlines from freeze damage when used as directed.

For ultimate protection, ensure to completely drain water from your pipes and waterlines. Even small amounts of water can make your water system vulnerable to cracks and bursts. Always bring WinterProof All purpose Water System Antifreeze to room temperature before using - do not dilute. Not designed as a heat transfer fluid for closed loop systems or as antifreeze for internal combustion engines.