Veedol 100% Full synthetic 5W30 Sintron Longlife III


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4 X 5L
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208L Drum
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Product Summary

Veedol Sintron Longlife III SAE 5W-30:
- is a multi grade engine oil based on specially selected synthetic base stocks and formulated with the very latest in advanced technology, producing a super high performance engine oil which delivers excellent fuel economy.
- is suitable for use on Gasoline and Diesel engines and has been developed to provide outstanding lubrication performance for extended drain intervals.
- is suitable vehicles with or without turbos and helps to extend the life of particle filters.
- is a 100% Fully Synthetic motor oil which improves engine performance & fuel economy.
- delivers optimum performance & engine protection at extreme temperatures & under high performance conditions.
- offers a high level engine cleanliness & protection from combustion contamination.
- for use in gasoline and diesel engines either naturally aspirated or turbo-charged.
- is formulated for extended oil change intervals.
- helps to extend the life of particle filters.

Veedol Sintron Longlife III 5W-30 meets the following requirements:

API SN, ACEA C3-12 | MB 229.51 | VW 504.00, 507.00, Longlife III | Porsche C30 | BMW Longlife-04 (LL-04)