Valvoline Professional Series SAE 75W90 API GL-5 Full Synthetic Gear Oil

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Valvoline Professional Series SAE 75W-90 API GL-5 Full Synthetic Gear Oil

- is a superior sulfur-phosphorus extreme pressure gear lubricant formulated with synthetic basestocks and capacity, anti-foam performance, corrosion protection, and thermal stability protection.
- It is recommended for conventional and high performance applications.
- provides outstanding thermal stability for cleanliness and longer service life.
- contains anti-corrosion additives to protect parts from rust and corrosion.
- has special limited-slip (LS) additives to eliminate/reduce chatter and shudder in limited-slip differentials.
- contains extreme pressure anti-wear additives to protect gear teeth from shock loading and high torque.

Uses include: Cars / Light Trucks