Valvoline Cerulean # 2 BLUE GREASE

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Valvoline Cerulean # 2 BLUE GREASE

- is recommended in numerous fleet, agricultural, mining industrial & automotive applications where a maximum performance grease is required.
- Typical examples are disc and other wheel bearings, sleeve and anti-friction bearings, chassis, bucket and king pins, universal joints, couplings, crushers and vibratory rollers.
- it is formulated to stand up to a range of extreme operating environments and conditions. Across the board, Valvoline greases provide excellent pump ability, lubricate and protect while withstanding extreme temperatures and load stresses.
- a tacky, lithium complex grease containing a high level of select extreme-pressure additives for maximum loading protection
- contains oxidation, rust & corrosion inhibitors for long-life performance
- has excellent resistance to water washout
Valvoline’s Cerulean grease is dyed blue for easy identification

Uses include: Agricultural Equipment / Car / Light Truck / Heavy Duty Truck / Industrial / Off Highway Equipment / Medium Duty Truck / Personal Watercraft