SYN HDH 75W90 Synthetic Automotive Gear Oil


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Product Summary

SYN HDH 75W-90:
- uses synthetic base oil for excellent stability, long life, extreme temperature operation, improved fuel economy, reduced wear and cleaner components.
- has a complete protection package for differentials' extreme pressure (EP) conditions, including limited slip and planetaries working under the heaviest load conditions.
- It meets the performance requirements of API GL-5.
- is a multi-weight gear oil to cover the broadest possible temperature ranges. Using synthetic base oil rather than mineral oil reduces friction in extreme conditions, increasing fuel economy by making more horsepower available to the driving wheels.
- has excellent shear stability with a viscosity above the minimum requirement of 13.5 cSt for an SAE GEAR 90 after KRL shear testing. This ability provides viscosity retention, which ensures internal parts are properly lubricated throughout the life of the oil to prevent metal-on-metal contact and wear.