RAIN-X ClearView De-Icer

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Product Summary

Rain X Windhield washer fluid:

- is formulated for improved bad winter weather visibility, providing exceptional de-icing performance when driving in cold and freezing conditions to melt snow, ice and frost
- has a water repelling formula that offers effective freeze protection down to -40C for better ice and wet snow removal in winter weather conditions while also preventing windshield refreeze - It melts precipitation to minimize adherence of frost, ice and snow
- has an advanced windshield washer fluid formula which promotes larger water beading particles for better water, ice, sleet and snow dispersion improving driving visibility
- powerfully cleans road grime, salt and dirt for a streak-free and smear-free windshield
- is ready to use and should never be diluted with water for best results - For optimal performance, empty the reservoir completely before adding the washer fluid