LubriDelta PROTECTION 9000 amber undercoating

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Product Summary

LubriDelta PROTECTION 9000 amber undercoating:

- is a grease based undercoating with exceptional anti-corrosion additives resulting from a new manufacturing technology.
- amber in color
- leaves a ductile film after drying which is very weather resistant.
- does not drip on application and an annual application will give excellent results.
- protects the body against corrosion of most motor vehicles.
- a pneumatic gun of 19 to 21 mm opening will yield the best results
- specially formulated to penetrate deep into all hard-to-reach places.
- bubblegum fragrance
- application temperature 5C to 30C
- creamy appearance
- flash point before application 42 C
- flash point after 48 hours 210 C