HDH Heavy Duty 80W90 Hypoid Gear Oil


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Product Summary

HDH Heavy Duty 80W-90 Hypoid Gear Oil:

- is extreme pressure (EP) automotive gear lubricant made from high quality, high viscosity index (VI) paraffinic base oils.
- its special additives are particularly effective at providing high load-carrying protection with excellent rust, corrosion and foam prevention.
- it has excellent oxidation control and thermal stability to prevent the formation of sludge and deposits, which leaves gears clean through many miles of service.
- is recommended for light and heavy-duty axles and heavy-duty non-synchronized manual transmissions.
- is suitable for outdoor industrial applications with enclosed gear sets that require high film strength.
- was designed to enhance limited-slip differential performance and reduce or eliminate limited-slip chatter.
- can be used in non-manual transmission GL-4 applications. HDH is not recommended in synchro-mesh transmissions, where GL-4 is recommended.