HD Hydraulic 10W - Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Oil


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HD Hydraulic 10W AW10

- is a heavy-duty (HD) hydraulic oil formulated with a high zinc content, dispersant, and detergent additives for heavy equipment, including Caterpillar® hydraulic systems and hydrostatic transmissions.
- is designed for equipment specifying Cat® HYDOTM Advanced 101 and other manufacturers’ mobile hydraulic units.
- is formulated with high-quality group II+ base oils, advanced zinc-based additives and emulsifiers. Typical hydraulic oils will separate from water, but HD Hydraulic 10W is designed to hold onto water. This prevents damage to the hydraulic system’s pumps and other components.
- has enhanced corrosion and rust protection over typical 10W engine or hydraulic oils.
- passes the rust prevention ASTM D665 test method, indicating the oil’s ability to protect iron components in the presence of water.
- has fast air-release properties and minimizes foam formation to prevent damage from cavitation.
**** HD Hydraulic 10W should not be used in engines or drivetrain components.
For drivetrain components, use TRANSflo TO-4, 10W.