5W40 - ADVANT 100% - Ultra High Performance Full Synthetic European


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946ml X 6
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5L X 4
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60L Keg
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205L Drum
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Product Summary

ADVANT 100% 5W-40 synthetic passenger car motor oil...

- offers the ultimate lubricant protection for European gasoline and diesel-powered automobiles.
- is no ordinary motor oil, it is a sophisticated formula of pure and stable base stocks coupled with the latest in additive technology. This formulation will deliver the performance and protection your engine demands.
was formulated to keep your engine as close as possible to factory cleanliness. The tighter the clearances in your engine the cleaner you need to run, even a small deposit can make a major difference in performance.
- has excellent cold-start protection circulating quickly to create a protective film for vital engine components. When used in extreme high temperatures this protection reduces wear, resists oxidation and retains viscosity stability to extend engine service life.

*Although long life is a feature of the stability
of synthetic oils, the engine manufacturers’ oil
drain intervals should always be respected