5W30 MAX1 Conventional Passenger Car Motor Oil


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Product Summary

MAX1 Conventional 5W-30 Motor Oil...
- has been formulated to exceed the performance requirements of the latest ILSAC GF-6A specification. The GF-6A specification defines an oil with superior oxidation resistance and fuel economy performance compared tothe previous GF-5 category.
- provides excellent protection against LSPI and meets the specific durability demands of the latest engine designs.
- market-leading wear performance of the earlier formulation has been maintained with the transition to GF-6A but enhanced to provide additional protection against both corrosive and abrasive wear more prevalent in newer designs.
- is suitable for all engine types requiring API SP and/or GF-6A and provides optimum protection for all modes of operation, from stop-and-go city driving, short trips in cold weather or towing a trailer in the summer months
- provides maximum protection.