10W40 MAX1 Advanced 100% Synthetic


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Product Summary

10W-40 MAX1 Advanced 100% Synthetic is:
- designed to meet the most severe demands of modern motoring. New engine hardware, particularly the latest turbocharged direct-injection engines, place increased thermal and loading stress on your engine oil.
- designed to cope with these increased temperatures and pressures providing stable protection and operation throughout the life of the oil.
- contains unique film strength additives to enhance the protective barrier between critical engine components.
- It is also designed to resist the oxidative break-down and shearing loss associated with operation at higher temperatures
maintaining a strong and durable film for maximum engine protection.
MAX1 Advanced 100% Synthetic is particularly robust in both low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and turbocharger protection making it suitable for the latest TGDI designs and all severe-service applications.